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BORN: - When? 7th March 1979
Where? London, England

CRIB: Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Favs: animal-cats, cats and more cats...meow!
actor- Keanu Reeves, Billy Boyd
actress- Drew Barrymore
movies- LOTR (sigh), Grease, The Matrix.
LOTR character- Pippin *muah*sigh* Eowyn
Musicians- Suede, Coldplay, Linkin Park, The Killers.

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Dec 19, 2005
Maximum Devastation!

Arsenal lost at Highbury! An embarassing 0-2 to Chelsea! So, Chelsea is THE team that's probably gonna raise the trophy at the end of the league, but that doesn't mean Arsenal has to lose pride and allow Chelsea to kick them square in the arse! Ugh! As an ardent fan of Arsenal, I'm utterly disappointed! Relying on a Top Deck Cadbury bar to stay awake, I have disgustingly gained a few pounds only to lose faith in Arsenal. We're out of the race now. Good Luck Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool!!

Posted at 06:35 am by savageress79
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Dec 18, 2005
Yes or no? YES! but...

 I think I have finally decided what I want to do with my pathetic life...study it and find out where in hell it went wrong! Ok, ok..so i'm a nobody with a dull life but, I have realized one day when I was thinking to myself, why the hell am i living like this when there are some people out there having the time of their lives? I have always been fascinated with people's lives and so i thought, since that has been my interest, why not i put it into good use and make a living out of it?

 However, as amazing as this discovery is...I realize that I'm gonna have to start over..I have to apply for a degree in Sociology...some don't realize this and thinks it's a waste of time. After all, I already have a degree in TESL. Proceed in obtaining a Masters!

 It's only now I realize why I wasn't that ecstatic when I received my degree in TESL...I get a sick feeling that it was probably not meant for me...could that be a possibility? I don't feel that was a waste of time, however, as I have conformed to one of the malaysian society's needs (So what if i don't have a husband yet?!)...I've done my part for the society and now, I gotta focus on what will make me happy (although ARF would be nice! ehem!)

 I guess I gotta do this! Gosh! I definately gotta see this page after a year to know my ass' fate..either it's gotten smaller or I get to kick it for talking the talk and not walking the walk!

 As for me, Good Luck Sweetie! (ur ass is on the line!) 

Posted at 01:40 pm by savageress79
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Nov 14, 2005
my books...

 I have a feeing that I'm not getting my books back from a guy who lied to me...such a pity as he was a good friend of mine who told a major lie and the damage totally can't be fixed..my book, Oh! How Silly... was given to me by my fifth grade teacher, Ms. White. To think that I loaned him the book to make him feel better after tragedy struck him..I felt sorry for him and in the end, it backfires right at me! I gave him a chance to return the book to me and he just took the opportunity for granted...I waited for him and in the end, he apologized claiming that it slipped his mind as he was busy that day..yeah, like I had nothing to do that day...I also have his research thesis with me and I know that I should return it but at the moment, more than anything, I want to see the corner of the 200 page thesis make hard contact with the side of his football field sized forehead! Because of that, I'm nt ready to face him to return his thesis and receive my book...it's not easy wanting to make fantasy into reality...in this case, I see it very possible happening...hmmm...

Posted at 09:08 pm by savageress79
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 I think I just let myself down again...I had lost already 15 kilos and the temptation to munch...now, I see myself as the same person a year ago..I'm back to my addiction for food...junk food especially...dunno how long I can keep this up...I'm up a kilo and I'm totally freaked out!! I've begun jogging again after a month's break but, I've yet to begin my regime..this totally sucks!! damn..

Posted at 08:56 pm by savageress79
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Jun 2, 2005
Skin deep my ass!

 Yesterday's episode of C.S.I. really touched me...for those who didn't catch it...one of the cases was about overweight or more like, fat women looking for a good time...in the end, one of these women accidently caused the death of a man she thought she loved...she accidently fell asleep on him causing him to suffocate...however, she admittted to murdering him instead cause she couldn't bear the thought that her weight had caused his death..according to her, it would become the joke of all time, in comedy clubs especially...she just couldn't live with that...
 Then, today, I picked up a copy of a mag featuring fat celebrities claiming that they didn't care what they looked like...as long as they were happy with themselves and that their fans accepted them for who they are...4 outta five of them are single and claim that it's ok that they're not attached with anyone at the moment...they know how the world works so they have accepted reality and are living their lives to the fullest...
 Being overweight, curvy, fat, obese or whatever the media wants to portray such people is already hard enough...I just don't get it when I read such articles or come across programmes that define beauty as skin deep...is that suppose to make us feel better about ourselves? I know that after reading or watching such stuff, I feel lousy and cheated! I honestly think that whoever wrote or created such stuff is probably someone who have run out of ideas and just trying to make something out of their wages! I dunno...this is a personal opinion and my deepest apology if I've offended anyone...
 I guess what I really wanna say is, leave us alone...we know how to live! If we need help, we do know how to get caunselling. I'm just pissed that they hardly feature anything on skinny girls and how these skinny girls live their lives...they're just da opposite of us curvy girls..oh yeah, theses skinny girls don't have politically correct terms either...why do we need them then?
 I think the best was for those who wanna make ourselves feel better about ourselves is just to treat us like equals, like any other people and leave us the hell alone!!

Posted at 08:04 pm by savageress79
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May 30, 2005
Unlikely me!

Feeling frustrated today...and how do i cure this sensitive heart of mine? By listening to da Bridget Jones' Diary soundtrack..I know, it's ridiculous but then again, so is my so called love life!! I fall for da wrong guys and da wrong guys fall for me!! I've tried reading self help books on meeting Mr. Rite and going through articles that focus on these issues...but then I realize that it's not dat I want to meet Mr. Rite or anything like dat but i want Schmeichel!! I've been asking myself over and over and over again...WHY HIM? I mean, I've had boyfriends and wen it came for the time for us to break up...i didn't cry or wail,' No!!! I can't live without him!' I have to say dat I'm pretty proud of my heart (and ego) that I can move on without technical difficulties...so why am i stuck in a rut with this guy? I mean, he's not even my boyfriend!! Sure, we've hung out a couple of times and he calls or sms every other day...but those always became precious moments to me...I'm just so happy wen he sms or calls me...Damn! I must be on drugs or something..this is so unlikely of me....

Posted at 04:49 pm by savageress79
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Mar 31, 2005
Violated and Naked

Never in my entire 26 years of life have I ever been totally violated! Well, I know in was coincidencial but I can't believe that something like this would ever happen to me! It all started when I watched the movie 'HITCH' and as I listened to the dialogues by the actors and actresses, I felt as if all my feelings were poured onscreen...Before I fell for Schmeichel, I felt exactly the same way Eve Mendes' character felt about love and life..yet, what's even more painful is that how I feel for Schmeichel is exactly how Arthur felt for Allegra!!! Can't anyone be more precise! I cried throughtout the whole movie and continued crying even at home! I became what I have dreaded for years...a sucker for love! and the worse part is, my fears were also revealed in the movie...
 I feel so 'naked' now...For the first time, I feel devasted and depressed like mad! Never in a million years I imagined that I would be in this situation...I took all the precautions which is basically, don't try to like any guy except that just friends or businees associates!
 I'm stuck in a rut now..I don't know what to do...going to work is like entering a boxing ring without the skills...how am i gonna box without the skills...Man...I'm so messed up right now...HELP!

Posted at 12:59 pm by savageress79
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Feb 26, 2005
Lame but true

 Rite..where do i begin? Well, I would have to say that it has a been awhile since I last had a major crush on someone. Usually my crushes are like for a week or so and then they go away..but today I realized, oh shit! I have a major crush on...Schemichel...sorry man utd/aston villa/denmark fans...I'm gonna call him that so i won't reveal his identity and die of embarassment..Well, he is a goalie for one of the local clubs here and he is a major man utd fan so..that's why I've decided to call him that. He is currently a teacher trainee at the school i teach. I did notice him at first cos of his height...u don't get tall guys from where I'm from..so, it was like, huh! this guy's tall...next! Nothing much...then, i started working with him..u know, school stuff..we ended up with the same projects and stuff...and it was then, i was like, cool, i think i have a crush on him...knowing that the crush probably will go away or fade...
 Then...I found out that he had a game today and I decided to go and watch..how i knew? well, he told me and said, "u can come and watch" and that's what i did...and now, 'i just can't get him outta my head' I've always had a thing for footballers esp goalkeepers cos of their built...HELP!! He's on my mind...I'm going bonkers...
 Before I go bonkers, 4 those of u who do not know me, I'm just 25 years old and those of u who do not know him, he's 26..so, it's not like i'm one of those older ladies looking for younger men...no one offended I hope...Damn! I hate this! By the way, I met a friend of his on the way outta out of the stadium and his friend asked if i came to watch him (Schmeichel) play and I replied that I was accompanying my friend who came with me and, it was a coincidance that Schmeichel played as well! What a big fat lie though!
 Great! Now, I'm going mad! Yay! Bummer! I thought these kind of crushes ended post puberty...what the hell am i suppose to do now? 

Posted at 06:54 pm by savageress79
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Oct 16, 2004
Shoes and the single women...

 I just watched an episode of 'sex and the city' about a single woman's right to buy expensive shoes...and when Carrie's M.B. goes missing after an evening at a friend's, she tries all kinds of antics to ger her friend to replace her shoes since she had to take them off in the first place. You see, Carrie's friend has children and so, she doesn't want people bringing in germs which may be hazardous to her children. I felt kinda mad when Carrie expressed how she felt about her missing pair of M.B. to her friend and was told that she needed a real life! A real life meaning the whole children and husband thingy..Man, was that an insult to Carrie and I personally believe, an attack statement to all the single women out there!
 So we single women may not have a 'life' cos we have none to take care of but ourselves and our families (meaning parents and bros and sis) For some reason, why is that we single women don't have families? What ever happened to our moms, dads, bros, sis, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas? Not to mention our second/third/fourth relatives? Most of mine are well and healthy and yes, alive!! It's a pity most of the time they r not acknowledge....
 Okay, going back to shoes...actually, i think that single women do have things that become a part of their lives because they don't have 'families'! We have the opportunity to have extra cash in hand because that money doesn't go to diapers or tuition fees...So, y can't we splurge on expensive things like shoes? It's true that getting a pair of Bata's and a pair of Hush Puppies is to basically to use them as footwear...but y do we single women have to settle for less when we can afford more? We don't have the same responsibilities or lives as other women....so, please back off and respect our lives instead of making comments about our lives and how it is meaningless until there is a man and children included!
 I'm not an anti-married women person but i'm an anti-to-those-who-can't-respect-my-life person. Sure, I'd like to have a 'family' of my own (whatever that means!) but until then, I'm splurging it on myself and the people I love...So what the difference between a married woman and me?

Posted at 11:38 pm by savageress79
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Oct 11, 2004
Of brothers and boyfriends...

Well...this has definately been a hectic week or two...damn! more like a month! Seeing my egoistic baby bro going through his first break-up is really..erm...difficult...especially when I was the one who told him NOT to break up with her in the first place! He totally ignored my advice and proceeded with just being him! Now, he wants her back but she has someone new and refuses to take him back! Never had I known a stone had emotions until I saw him cry over this girl...yeah, he really loves her and she waited over a year and a half for him. When she found someone else, only then he reacts. MEN! So..what does this have to do with boyfriends or me, in fact? Well, my ex has been a dear to me now but I could not accept him in my life again after what he put me through...I have, however, forgiven him and that has made my life much better knowing that I have no grudge against him..I have tried explaining this to my bro that it is difficult for his former precious to accept him after what he had done to her but, he claims that his precious (former) and I are totally different people...yeah well, he got that right cos I ain't waiting around for anyone for a year and a half...let alone a month...a few hours...perhaps...
 But, I gotta admit I can't help but worry abt my bro...everyone says he's gonna be fine but I've never seen him want anything so bad! The last time he wanted anything this bad was when he was 7 and he really wanted this GI JOE helicopter that he saw at a shopping mall in switzerland...Hell, my parents were not gonna get him that helicopter cos it was a whopping 300 swiss francs! and that was back in 1988!!
 However, in a way, i do envy him cos he has finally found someone that he truly believes that he couldn't live without. Me, on the other hand, I just keep finding peple that I CAN live without! Bummer...It sounds abit corny...but I think I may want to want to feel that feeling...Stupid, huh?

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